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HADO is a unique, accessible and fun way to combine sports and gaming in a high energy 3 vs 3 tactical dodgeball style battle

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Anker 1

Unique, accessible and fun

Koptekst 2


Unique experience 
Imagine using AR technology employing magical techniques
whilst moving freely across
a real-world court: this is HADO!

Anyone can play
Everybody has played dodgeball or knows the game. HADO is just as easy to play: simple rules and an AR headset is all you need  

Infinite fun
Customize your skill-set and track your performance of any game you played via the HADO connect app
to improve your game!

What is HADO?

HADO is the world’s first techno sport which combines sport and gaming using augmented reality (AR) technology and creates a whole new dimension to the world of sports as we know it

It is a unique sport that can be played by anyone, young or old, able or physically challenged. It can be played just for fun and at a competitive level

HADO uses AR technology to project a layer on top of the real world as opposed to Virtual Reality which creates a fully digital world
In HADO players can actually see their real world surroundings and move freely without being tied to a gaming system, controllers, or cables, while interacting with the digital items they can see through the AR headset 

What is HADO?

How does it work?


Players compete with their team in an arena shooting energy balls (‘Hadoken’) directly from their hand with simple movements to hit an opponent and break its life cells 
Players can defend themselves by dodging and raising virtual shields to protect themselves​ and their teammates
Before each round players pick their strategy  by allocating a number of points to various skills:  ball speed, ball scale, recharge speed and number of shields  

An official match lasts 3 rounds of 80 seconds and feels like a real workout. The team with the most knock-outs at the buzzer wins

Check out the videos and start practicing to become one of the HADO Masters!

HADO x Zappsport Battle

Check out the full episode of the special editon of Zappsport ´The Battle´! 
Three famous Youtubers will battle against 3 kids. Which team will win this unique battle and go home with the Cup?! 



HADO Benelux Cup 2022

First edition of the HADO Benelux up was a great success! Check the after movie here

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