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Bring HADO to your company, event or party

Rent a HADO AR-experience for a (half) day in a location of your choice!

HADO Benelux offers you the opportunity to have a Augmented Reality experience at your workplace, at an event or at your party place!

Our team will happily come to you with everything necessary to turn it into an unique and unforgettable experience, one you'll be sure to enjoy with your colleagues, family or friends!

What can you expect?

AR fun for everyone!

HADO is the world's first physical sport combining sport & gaming using Augmented Reality (AR)

Dodgeball 3.0: through AR glasses players can see their real-world surroundings and a projected digital environment. They compete in teams (3 versus 3) in an arena, while trying to knock-out their opponents using digital energy balls ('Hadoken')

Together with friends, family or colleagues you will get a introduction of HADO, the rules, active support with tips & tricks and the most FUN and unique AR experience!


What do we need?

One of the major perks of HADO is that it is mobile, so we are able to bring the HADO experience to suitable venues.

Ideally we need:

  • An unobstructed open space (8x12x2.80m)

  • Power sockets

  • Stable WiFi

  • TV screen and / or beamer (HDMI port)

This is all we need to set up a real life HADO court at almost any (indoor) place!


You can already book us for events from 90 minutes until 1 or multiple days!

Different options are always possible, more players, more days, combination of AR + VR games (partnered up with VR Nederland),... We'll happily make you a personalised offer!

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