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Looking for a unique event? HADO is perfect for corporate events, school activities, festivals, private parties, bachelors, conventions, kids parties, group/team outings, allowing people to experience the magic combination of sports and AR technology

HADO can be played by anyone and (almost) anywhere (at our your location or a location of your choosing!) so stop looking and let us know where and with how many you want to play HADO to enjoy the future of sports and gaming!

Just want to book a HADO court (max 6p) or class (max 9p) in one of our arena's and enjoy multiple HADO games? Check the locations of our HADO Arena's and book directly!

Book game


Strategy and team work are key when playing HADO, which makes it well-suited for teambuilding activities. Players need to align their personal skill-set with the team and work together effectively by deploying the best offense and defense tactics. HADO is fast pace and can be played in small or large groups 

Are you ready to compete with your colleagues and see who is the best HADO player or just want to watch your colleagues while enjoying a drink and some bites?



Looking for a new and unique (birthday)party for your kid? HADO is the most unique, cool and healthy activity for children! During a HADO party we introduce the kids to all aspects of HADO. The focus lies on stimulating active movement, teamwork and above all a lot of fun!
HADO is the future of sports, a unique experience which can played by anyone (age: 5 - 75 years). Suprise your son or daughter with the Next Big Thing!

Kids party

Benelux Cup 2022

First edition was a great success! Team NL and Team BE will participate on the HADO EURO Cup in France on the 5th of November 2022 and compete with the best of Europe.

Check out the after movie of the first edition here!

Benelux Cup 2022
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