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Our mission

"Shape the next generation of sports together"
HADO leads the integration of sports and gaming using AR technology offering athletic enjoyment to everyone


Meet the team


Michiel Verhage 


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Michael Reibestein


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We are two friends passionate about sports, gaming and technology. With HADO we want to offer a unique, accessible and fun way to combine sports and gaming

As many people know regular exercise has multiple benefits to your physical and mental health
This is why we believe anyone regardless of age or ability should be able to engage in physical exercise. We want to build a brand that advocates healthy living by combining sports and gaming
HADO truly is a game changing experience allowing everyone to exercise and practice sports in a fun and inclusive way 
We are committed to grow HADO in the Benelux by creating a nationwide infrastructure and host (inter)national tournaments

We are HADO Benelux: the exclusive distributor and official representative of HADO in the Benelux 

Are you ready for the future of sports? 

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