Book your HADO experience in the first HADO Arena of the Netherlands!

HADO Court

HADO Class

Book your own private HADO arena and play a 2vs2 or 3vs3 HADO game to get the full HADO experience!

Are you ready to start training for the HADO Benelux Cup 2022 and have a team (min 3 players) lined up? Book now your standard training days for the upcoming weeks and make sure you have reserved your spots!

Pricing: EUR 75 per group (min 3 - max 6 players)
Time: 45 minutes (30 min playtime)
HADO games: +/-10

It is possible to book and come with only 3 players. One of the trainers will join the game or we can add an avatar(s) which can play together with or against you in different levels! This is also perfect for training sessions and improve your game without finding 6 players

Had enough of all the standard HIIT routines? Don't wait and book you first HADO class right now! 

In a group of max 9 players you will be trained by one of our HADO instructors and play as much HADO games as possible, let's see if you can keep up!

Now also available to join a class with your Onefit membership!

Pricing: EUR 15 per player (min 3 - max 6 players)

Time: 45 minutes (30 min playtime)
HADO games: +/-10

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HADO Event



Do you want to book a HADO game for larger groups (7+ persons) or have a HADO event? Please check our event page and contact us!

Do you want to have an unique present for you brother, sister, best friend or anyone else? Get a HADO voucher which can be used for a HADO court booking!
*Voucher is valid for 6 months and can be used in the HADO Arena in Amsterdam